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wpMail Weekly Newsletter Covers WordPress Themes, Plugins & Tutorials

WordPress is an excellent Content Management System and it has a large user base. This user base doesn’t just comprise of blog owners; a large number of developers and designers create widgets and themes for WordPress. The amount of development that goes on and around WordPress is huge and designers, developers, and bloggers all need to stay up to date with it. The official WordPress blog keeps you posted on the changes they make but there isn’t a place for you to go to to find new themes and plugins. wpMail is a WordPress newsletter that curates the best from WordPress developers and designers and emails you once a week. Newsletters are something that you selectively subscribe to but if you’re looking for an easy way to keep up with independent developers, read reviews of plugins and find some really great tutorials, wpMail is the newsletter to subscribe to.

Subscribing is a no brainer; just follow the link at the end of the post and enter your email address. If you want to checkout some of the older issues of wpMail, visit their archive page. Rest assured you won’t hear from them more than once a week.


For a quick break down of what to expect from this newsletter, here is a breakdown of what they normally cover.

News & Articles is a recurring topic in the newsletter; you will find a lot of advice articles on why a certain plugin is good for you, any security threats you should be aware of, mistakes that you might be making on your blog  and just general news about new hosting companies, etc. You will also occasionally find case studies though this section mostly sticks to news. On the rare occurrence, you will also find news from WordPress itself featured in the newsletter.

Theme news and Theme Releases list newly released themes for WordPress, have detailed articles for Wordpres theme developers, may occasionally feature a compilation of best themes for a particular category. Then there are Plugins reviews and newly released plugins; the reviews are obviously far less than the number of releases but it’s a really great way to learn about any new plugins and learn which ones can be useful.

Lastly, you have tutorials; this is yet another recurring section in the newsletter and covers a vast number of topics like themes, customizing WordPress, adding additional functionality to the WordPress editor, creating and managing widgets & plugins, and much more. The newsletter covers just about everything an average to advanced reader would be interested in in reading about, Sign up to the newsletter below or check out some of its back issues to decide if it’s for you.

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