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Yes, Pix Me!: Real-Time, Drag & Drop Image Sharing With Desktop Notifications [Web]

Love sending pictures to your buddies and loved ones, but hate emailing or uploading them to various cloud services? If that is the case, then you really need to try out Yes, Pix Me! This simple yet useful collaboration tool lets you share pictures instantly using drag & drop functionality. The service does not require any sort of installation or registration; all you have to do is drag & drop the image from your local storage to generate a unique URL for it, which you can then share with as many people as you like. Anyone with the link will see the images or screenshots pop up on their screen as soon as you drag & drop them onto the website, and they can do the same – upload their own images for you to see. More past the jump.

To start sharing, click the Choose Files button at the top left of the page, or simply drag and drop the image onto the box at the center of the page.

drag& drop

Next, click the Share button to get your unique sharing URL. For now, the app supports sharing JPG, PNG and GIF images, and has a file size limitation of maximum 3MB per file. You may also enable or disable the notifications at the left side of the page.

image and URL

Please note that while the app works optimally in both Google Chrome and Firefox, notifications are supported only in Chrome. Yes, Pix Me! not only gives you very handy and convenient sharing mechanism for images, but also allows working in as many sessions as you like, as you can always refresh the website to generate a new URL, initiating a new session.

Visit Yes, Pix Me!

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