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Zootool: Create Visual Bookmarks With Actual Content Snippets [Chrome]

Zootool is a web application that lets you collect, organize and share your favorite images, videos, documents and links from all over the web. It offers visual bookmarking that can specially come in handy when you’ve got loads of bookmarks and can’t remember a particular website. Zootool uses images to bookmark content, so you can access it in an easier way. Signing up for the service requires only a few simple steps, after which you can bookmark images, videos, documents or pages from any website. The Chrome extension for the service speeds up the whole process by letting you bookmark content from any website directly from the toolbar. Zootool allows you to save not only URLs, but actual content snippets, so you can quickly locate or find them at a later time.

When you click the button in the toolbar, Zootool instantly retrieves all images and feeds from the web service and displays them in a neat grid. From there, you can bookmark any image on the page, tag it, and save it to your Zootool account.


Zootool also divides content into different categories, such as Images, Pages, Documents and Videos. Each item can be edited, shared, deleted or visited at a later time.


The service also allows you to email or share content on various popular social networking websites, such as Facebook, Delicious, Friendfeed and Tumblr.

sharing options

If your bookmarks bar is cluttered with folders full of links and you find it difficult to lookup websites, then you should definitely give Zootool a shot.

Install Zootool For Google Chrome

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