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2 Simple Tools To Manage Microsoft Office 2007 Add-ins

One great thing about Microsoft Office 2007 is that it supports add-ins. Whether it be Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, or PowerPoint, you can install add-ins instantly. The add-ins can be enabled/disabled in each one of these programs, but what if you want to manage all add-ins from one simple tool?

I have collected two tools that will help you in managing the add-ins across all Office apps.


OfficeIns is a free portable tool that allows you to manage all add-ins from one simple window. It is developed by the great folks at Nirsoft, who apps I have previously reviewed here, here, here, and here. All you have to do is run the app and it will automatically list the detected add-ins.

officeIns main

To disable an add-in, right-click it, select Change Start Mode and then select Disable.

disable add-in office

Apart from Disabled, it gives three other options, Load at Startup(Enabled), Load on Demand, and Load at First Time. Next to every add-in you will find additional details such as, Description, Start Mode, Connection, Version, Date Added, Location, and much more.

Topalt EnableDisable

Topalt EnableDisable is a free tool that allows you manage the add-ins more easily. Unlike OfficeIns, this tool is not portable, but gives a more clear picture of all add-ins installed. Instead of showing all add-ins mixed up, you can access the add-ins by going to different tabs. This tool has been developed by Topalt, who’s previous app was covered yesterday.

topalt office 2007 add-ins

To disable an add-in, simply uncheck the checkbox next to it. This tool has lesser options than OfficeIns, but has a more eye-candy look.


Both apps are great but appeal to different users. If you are looking for a more advanced add-ins manager, then OfficeIns is for you. If you don’t care about advanced features and only want a manager that allows you to enable/disable the add-ins, then TopAlt EnableDisable is for you. Keep in mind that OfficeIns is a stand-alone app, which means no installation in required. While on the other hand, you will have to install TopAlt EnableDisable in order to use it. Enjoy!

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