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4space Brings Easy-To-Configure Secured Web Server With File Groups

A while back, we featured a portable HTTP file server called KouakOS which arguably provides one of the most convenient way to share files with connected nodes in both heterogeneous and homogenous network, and with others over the internet, but one problem which may repel advanced users from using a HTTP server is that it doesn’t provide security of data being shared on the network. Since security can’t be compromised at any stage of data sharing, it’s recommended to use a more secured channel when it comes to exchanging classified information or files. 4Space (name looks familiar to 4shared) is relatively more advance implementation of KouakOS. It’s an Adobe-Air based application that provides different sections according to both types of files and their security. The application lets you password protect files before sharing them over HTTP. Its web server, in contrast to KouakOS, offers a neat user interface, allowing users to switch between different file groups to download them on their systems.

4space requires port 80 to be free in order to share specified files over LAN. However, if it throws exception for establishing connection, you can specify other available port from Preferences window. The application sits in system tray from where you can bring up its main screen.

4space 4

Click Power button present above Public section to use port 80 for sharing files. If it is unable to connect, open Preferences and switch to Server tab, enter the available port and move back to home screen to start the web server. Here, you can also enable using of external IP address to share files over internet or specify URL which is to be used by web server.


After starting the server, drop files and folders which you want to share with others over the sections. The Public section doesn’t restrict users for accessing files. You can use the other 3 section to categorize file types and password protect them. For instance, clicking the Red section lets you change the section name and specify file access password. Once done, just drop files over it to let only authenticated users access them.

require password 3

The last step would be to share the URL present alongside Power button with others, so they can access file from 4space Web UI.

4space 2

When users attempt to access password protected sections, they need to enter password to access shared files. To make external IP option work, you need to have administrative privileges to forward specified port to enable file sharing over internet.  In all, 4space offers a quick yet powerful way to share and access file from remote locations.  Since it’s developed on Adobe Air, it works Windows, Mac, and Linux, provided you’ve Adobe Air installed already.

Download 4space (Korean website but application interface is in English)


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