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A43: Windows File Manager With Built-In Quick Launch, Text Editor and Hex Viewer

Gone are the days when the storage space of a PC was limited and we had to choose which files to keep and which ones to delete. Now, with massive storage spaces available even in personal computers and laptops, there is no reason for us to delete old files when copying or creating new ones. However, having so many files stored in your PC makes managing them and finding the required file a tedious task. The default Windows Explorer in Windows 7 provides you with file browsing, navigation and search options, but it lacks some advanced options, such as built-in archive explorer and extractor. Today, we have a portable file management utility named A43, which features a built-in text editor, supports archives, and includes an advanced file search function. It also lets you add frequently accessed folders as favorites, so that you can quickly open them without having to navigate through multiple locations.

The main interface provides you with the folder-tree view in the left sidebar, while the contents of a selected folder are displayed in the main window on the right. Pressing F7 function key will open/ close the Splitter at the bottom of the main interface. The Splitter contains some unique features offered by the application, such as Quick Launch Pane, Text Editor, Find File, Folders and Hex Viewer. At the top, there are options to add Favorite Folders, Cut, Copy and Paste files and Change file and folder view. The application sports its own Zip & Unzip tool that allows you to quickly create Zip archives and extract files from previously made archives just through drag and drop.


You can add multiple files to a Zip archive and extract archives just by dragging them over the Zip and Unzip fields available in the top toolbar.

Browse for Folder

The View menu allows you to toggle view of Toolbars, Path Bar, Gridlines, File Info, Status Bar, Folder Size, Row Select, and Hidden/ System Files. You can manually show and hide the Splitter from the Splitter submenu. Additionally, you can set the font settings, change font color, background and row color.


A43 is a portable application and does not require any installation to run on the system. It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download A43

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