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Access Windows 8 Start Screen, All Apps & Search Charms From Desktop

Even though, applications like Start8 and Pokki for Windows 8 successfully restore the Start Menu, if you want play around with Start Screen a little bit, then Start Charming just might be what you’re looking for. The application is yet another Start Screen modifier (like we haven’t seen plenty of them already) that lets you display Start Screen within desktop in a manner similar to Immersive Taille and the likes. The application is pretty handy if you want to spend most of your computer time within the Desktop mode and seldom find the need to jump back to the Metro interface. The application also lets you invoke the Charms Bar from a system tray button.

Using the app is fairy simple; you install it and it automatically places the Start button where it should, using which you can bring up the Apps menu. It also brings in Search Charms to the right. You might be wondering if all it does is merely bring up the Apps menu, then where’s the Start Screen?

Start Charming_Apps

The application employs the Start button to show the Apps menu, while you can still bring up the Start Screen the old fashioned way – either by hitting the Win key on your keyboard or by using the Start tile that appears at the bottom-left corner when you move the mouse curs0r there – it’s simple as that!

Start Charming

The application also makes it easy to bring up the Charms Bar without using Windows 8 hot corners (the upper and lower right corners of the screen, to be exact). All you have to do is click the minuscule ‘Show Charms Bar’ button in the system tray.

Start Charming_System Tray

Start Charming creates a shortcuts folder on the desktop, and you can use the shortcuts inside it to easily start and stop Start Charming with a click. There are also Admin and Docs folder here, the latter of which offers some documentation about the app in case you feel lost anywhere.

Start Charming_Start

The Admin folder, however, houses an interesting Position Tool that lets you manually specify the Start Screen’s position on your Desktop. You can use the position bars and set them according to your preferences. Need to revert back to the original settings? Just run ‘Restore Defaults’ and bingo!

Start Charming_Position

While not the most feature-rich Start Screen modifier that I’ve come across, Start Charming is handy for those who want to display Start Screen the same way, but just want to do it within the Desktop mode, with a way to bring up the Start Menu as well. Additionally, its ability to search metro apps without entering the metro interface itself can be useful as well. Testing of the app was carried out on Windows 8 Pro, 64-bit.

Download Start Charming

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