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Add A Location Sensor To Windows 7 With GeoSense

Starting with Windows 7, the Windows Sensor and Location platform was provided by Microsoft to enable applications to adapt to computers environment, including tracking your location with the help of GPS devices, WLAN radios etc. The platform was introduced to provide a standard way to integrate sensor and location devices into Windows. For example, Ambient light sensors allow computers to automatically adjust screen brightness based on current lighting conditions. For this reason, Microsoft has also provided Windows 7 WDK for hardware manufacturers and the Windows 7 SDK that provides information for creating location-aware and sensor-enabled applications.

Geosense is a Windows Location and Sensors platform for computers running Windows 7.  It delivers accurate positioning information without requiring any GPS device. Once Geosense application is installed, you can enable the location sensors from Location and Other Sensors in Control Panel.

Location and Other Sensors

Once the sensors are enabled, you can use any application that supports geo location sensors to find out your current location. This can be handy when you might require finding out your current address during travelling and/or require searching a nearby spot (e.g. a restaurant). For demonstration purposes, the developers have provided a demo application with Google Maps integration, which displays your current location and address.


Using this demo app, you can also search for places using Google Maps. Similarly, you can track your current location and search for nearby buildings by using other applications, which are compatible Windows 7 location sensors.


GeoSense works only on Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions).

Download GeoSense

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