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Add A Stick To Your Mouse Pointer With PointerStick

PowerPoint presentations are a handy way to indulge your audience into what you’re trying to demonstrate. But in order to get the most  out of it, you need proper equipment and tools at your disposal, which also includes what is being presented on screen. And when we talk about what’s been shown on the screen, mouse pointer plays an integral part. It is quite easy to lose track of mouse cursor position during PowerPoint presentations on large projector screens. Another problem is that, if you have to point something out to the audience, there is no way for anyone to locate the mouse cursor if they are sitting a bit far away or unless you move it around a little bit. Today, we have software solution for you that might come in handy in such scenarios. Simply labelled as PointerStick, it is a portable application that adds a stick to your mouse cursor, enabling you to easily point at objects on you computer screen. The stick itself seems quite reminiscent of a magic wand. The beauty here is that you can also fully customize the stick, for example, you can change size, transparency and texture of the stick, and use hotkeys to enable and disable it, accordingly.

It’s a very light weight application that runs silently in the system tray, and the Settings panel can be accessed by double clicking its icon. The Settings menu holds the aforementioned customization options. It allows you to adjust the size and transparency , and chose texture of the stick from the drop down menu. The texture list includes Red, Gold, Silver, Gold-2, Stars and Zitro textures for the stick. It also lets you enable the stick By Mouse Triple Click or Ctrl + Alt+ Y and Ctrl + Alt + Z hotkeys. Additionally, you may enable Windows startup and startup minimized options.

PointerStick 1.00

The application can be used with any other application, as the stick gets overlay on whatever being currently displayed. Here are some examples of PointerStick at work. For example. during PowerPoint presentations, it makes the job easier to point out certain examples or bullet points, easily.

PowerPoint Slide Show

The usage is not limited to the PowerPoint, but you can also use PointerStick while presenting at workshops or troubleshooting a Windows issue.

My Computer

PointerStick can be grabbed for free and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download PointerStick

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