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Add Multiple Sync Jobs To Run Them At Once With Folder Replica

Folder Replica is a job-based file synchronization utility that lets you create a list of sync jobs for different folders and locations and process them in one go. Folder Replica provides 3 sync modes; Backup Advanced (from Folder A to B), Folder Sync (Union of A and B folder data), and Copy Missing files (from A to B) along with a complementary mode to Delete Duplicates in B (target folder). For user’s convenience, the interface is divided into 2 panes, representing folder A and B sections, respectively. Just like any other backup utility, it provides you with a preview of sync job results before actually executing them. This enables you to check out all those files and folders which will be affected by the sync operations. Additionally, it allows you to schedule sync/backup jobs on specified days of week. You can mention the time of day to automatically run scheduled sync jobs and enable logging to find the problems it may face while performing the data synchronization operations.

First off, select the source directory from left side and target location from side B. Once selected, choose synchronization mode and click Add to Synchronize Job List to add to job list. You can also analyze the job results from Analyze/Synchronize Now option and preview all the files and folder which will be deleted, updated, moved, etc.

folder replica 1

Once job is added to list, you can choose another set of folders with required sync mode to add another sync job to list. When all settings are in place, click Process Job List to begin synchronization process. The output console at the bottom of the screen shows the files and folders which are being synced with target location.

To schedule sync jobs and tweak with application’s general settings, click Schedule Job List Processing. In Configuration window, you can schedule jobs, enable copy/move and delete actions, specify actions for conflict resolution . From right-side, select the days of week to schedule the sync jobs. You can also enter time of sync jobs run which are scheduled on defined days and enable sync job logging. Once done, click Activate Schedule followed by Save Configuration.


Your sync jobs will run on specified days and time. Folder Replica also lets you add and manage Favorite Sync jobs. You can add as many jobs as you want and execute them with a single click without having to specify source and target folders and sync mode. FolderReplica is donationware and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download FolderReplica

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