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Add Security Layers Over Your Laptop With LapSec

It is always recommended to make your portable devices as secure as they can be. No matter which type of mobile device you’re using, there is always a need of having an efficient security application which can instantly protect it from data theft and other general vulnerabilities. Take laptops for an instance, security concerns should be addressed right from the outset to ensure that nobody will ever break in and exploit administrative privileges. LapSec is a security application, developed especially for laptop owners to add security layers for keeping the system always safe from any kind of exploitations. The provided security measures are based upon diverse protection scales, including, disposing off pagefile before system shuts down, activating screen saver after defined time, removing autorun in USB and local drives, enabling password in recovery mode, disabling administrator account, and checking user password complexity. Furthermore, it also allows user to cipher My Documents folder to protect classified projects and information whilst option to encrypt user-defined directories is also available.

All the above mentioned options are lined up on the main interface with checkboxes to toggle each security option. Before enabling options, you can check current security level by clicking Am I Secure button.


Now enable the security options which suit your system followed by a click on Secure me button. The time it takes to protect your system depends upon size of data which is to be ciphered.

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On the product page, you can find details for each provided security option. We reckon going through each option to understand the risks involved. The application works without any problems and supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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