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Add Security To Your Dropbox Account With SecretSync Encryption

If you’re thinking to deploy a security layer to your Dropbox in order to protect highly confidential data before being sent to Dropbox to sync them across all the configured systems, it’d would rather a time consuming process to first create encrypted container for holding classified info and then send it to Dropbox. An easy solution is provided by SecretSync. It’s a tool backed by 256-AES encryption algorithm which does nothing except encrypting your private data with a pass key and syncing it with your Dropbox account. Using that pass key, you can access your synced private data easily from anywhere, without worrying about recently revealed Dropbox security related issues.

So how does it work? You don’t have to configure any settings to encrypt files nor does it require tweaking with encryption options. Just install it, enter the passkey, and it will create a SecretSync encryption folder, which will automatically encrypt all the files and folders you put into it.


When you need to access SecretSync encrypted data from other Dropbox configured PC, you can easily access your private files from Dropbox web UI after installing SecretSync.

dropbox secretsync 1

SecretSync also maintains a detailed log to check whether the included files have been synced or not. It also allows you to manually sync the files present in SecretSync folder.

SecretSync. log

It is to be noted that given passkey is very important and you will not be able to access SecretSync encrypted files without it. SecretSync provides the best method of adding security layer to your private files synced through Dropbox with multiple systems.

Download SecretSync

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