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Adjust Your PC Volume By Scrolling The Mouse Wheel [Windows]

Most keyboards, if not all of them, have dedicated keys for managing the volume and brightness on your system. For anyone who doesn’t have these keys, you can use controls in Windows to manage volume and brightness. If you’re looking for an even easier way to manage volume, one which involves no clicks and is super convenient, meet WheelsOfVolume. It’s a free Windows app that lets you increase or decrease the system volume by scrolling the mouse wheel over an active area.

Install WheelsOnVolume and run it. When you scroll the mouse wheel on its active areas, you will be able to increase/decrease the volume, as shown in the GIF below. The volume slider itself will not pop-up and is shown for the sake of illustrating the app’s working.

The active areas where scrolling your mouse wheel will increase/decrease the volume are the Taskbar, Desktop, and the upper-right corner of the screen.


We normally link to the developer’s site when we write about apps but we had to make an exception because the developer site for WheelsOnVolume is a puzzle at best where it’s impossible to figure out which is the download link. We are therefore linking to a software repository site.

Download WheelsOnVolume From Softpedia


  1. I’m a big fan of Volume2, it’s a portable app, you can alter the volume by mouse scrolling the task bar, and a graphic will pop up to alert you when the volume changes, it’s pretty dope

  2. seriously? that’s all it does, shows these crap bars that just go when i scroll the wheel over the sound icon. i tried doing so with an mp3 file playing, volume didn’t change at all.
    a total waste of time

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