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Adjust Your Sleeping Habits With Bedtime Help

If your PC is keeping you from getting to bed in time late in the night, or if you have children that won’t listen to you and remain engaged with the computer past their bedtime, then this tool can come in helpful for you. Bedtime Help is a specialized alarm that alerts you of your bedtime as it approaches, and can optionally shut down your PC when the time comes. Bedtime 2

The interface and usage of this application is very simple. Input your scheduled bedtime, and tell the software how many hours before the specified time should the alerts start to show. You may specify the interval between two alerts, set a message to go with them, and choose whether reminders should be windowed or full-screen.


(A windowed alert; full-screen ones aren’t this subtle)

Finally, you may choose whether to shutdown the system at bedtime or some time after it, or ignore the shut down process at all. Click Save Changes to apply your selections. Even if you close the program, it will continue to run in the background so that you don’t miss out on your sleep by any mistake. The application worked seamlessly on Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download Bedtime Help

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