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Advance Tweak Windows 7 & Vista With Vispa

Windows 7 and Vista tend to overload with features that a casual user barely ever needs, or even knows about. Specifically, these operating systems quite frequently communicate with their parent servers, and other servers like Apple, Google, etc when you have their apps installed, without the user’s consent or knowledge. This ‘snooping around’, while mostly harmless, would still not be preferable for most.

Enter Vispa, an advance tweak utility for Windows 7 and Vista, that offers a user various tweaks under seven different categories; General, Services, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Windows Desktop Search, Usability, and Delete Files.

The interface is simple, and the application is portable, but be advised that it is not for the casual user. If you know what you’re doing, familiar with the background processes and services, and have the heart to reinstall your system from scratch in case something goes wrong, this utility is for you.

VispaThe tool simply offers a laundry list of available tweaks, with six available presets. Main focus of this tool is to reduce the excessive communication between your system and Microsoft, Google and Apple servers. However, most of the usual tweaks like deleting page file at shutdown, disabling error reporting etc, are also available.

It is recommended that you create a system restore point before attempting anything with Vispa. Also, as per the author of the software, it may register a false positive with some antivirus products, but rest assured that it is safe and clean. As obvious, this portable tool is for Windows 7 and Vista.

Download Vispa

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  1. And besides, Norton is crapware, so if you know enough about computers for Vispa to be useful, you shouldn’t be using Norton (or McCrap-afee). Seriously.

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