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Advanced Windows 7 Problem Fixing With FixWin

A couple of days back we covered Microsoft’s own Fix It Center to repair various Windows problems. While the tool offered promising results, it still is in beta and hence lacks certain elements. As we mentioned then too, there are various third-party tools that deliver what they claim. Amongst those, FixWin takes the prize.

The first huge advantage of this tool is that it is very small and portable. With a size of just 529 KB, this tool detects your operating system (Windows Vista or Windows 7, both 32 and 64-bit versions) and offers you only the relevant fixes.


Fixes are offered under five categories; Windows Explorer, Internet and Connectivity, Windows Media, System Tools and Additional Fixes, which are more like a collection of miscellaneous items.

In order to use this tool, the first recommendation would be executing the System File Checker Utility (available on Welcome page). It will check and replace any corrupted OS files, and should take less than 5 minutes depending on your system configuration. Reboot once done.

Next step would be to preferably create a system restore point. After that you may proceed to the fixes available, and apply depending on the problems that you face with your operating system. Better to apply only one fix at a time and restart the system after every fix.

FixWin 2

This portable tool can fix up to 50 common problems, like Recycle Bin not refreshing properly, Context Menus not working, corruption of Media Center database etc. It uses around 7.8 MB of system memory, when running.

We tested FixWin with stock build of Windows 7 32-bit OS and the results were great.

Download FixWin

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