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Aero Adjuster Brings Windows 8 Aero Color Change Feature To Windows 7

If you’ve been using Windows 8 Developer Build, you must’ve noticed that Windows 8 Aero automtically changes the Aero Glass color and effect according to your current wallpaper. Unlike Windows 7 where you have to set Aero Glass color intensity manually, Windows 8 detects color and color intensity of current wallpaper and changes both of them automatically. We have previously covered Aura, which can change Aero Glass color by getting color from wallpaper as well as from active window icon. Aero Adjuster is a similar application which brings Windows 8 Aero feature to Windows 7. It adjusts both Windows Aero color and color intensity according to current wallpaper.

Aero Adjuster is more responsive than Aura since it changes Windows 7 Aero Glass effect as soon as you change the wallpaper. The app sits in system tray after being launched. From right-click menu, you can Fit Aero Color to wallpaper color and Restore original Aero color.

aero change 4

In the screenshot below, you can see that it applied light green shade to Windows 7 Aero Glass, which perfectly matches with the desktop wallpaper.

wallpaper change

When you change wallpaper, it will instantly adjusts the Aero Glass color and color intensity according to wallpaper color scheme.

aero change

Aero Adjuster is a portable application for Windows 7 only. It doesn’t support Windows Vista.

Download Aero Adjuster

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