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AllMyApps Is Feature Rich App Store For Windows

A while back, we talked about Windows OS being devoid of an App Store and advocated Npackd as one good choice for installing and managing Windows applications. Going over Npackd features, we couldn’t help but say that it lacks a lot of features in terms of organizing and searching applications by different categories, such as, Internet, Security, Video, Converter and so on. AllMyApps is a freshly baked utility which is, however, in beta phase yet seems promising in addressing the user needs when it comes to choosing a feature-rich App Store for Windows. Fortunately, it covers almost all the essential options which you might look for in an App Store. Be it application types, categories, runtime environments, download manager, or complete product description with ratings that you want to check before downloading, it brings all these necessary features of an OS App Store in a drop-dead UI.

Since it’s going through testing phase, you might not be able to find plentiful of application software, desktop utilities but most celebrated applications, add-ons, browsers, IDEs, etc., are provided in respective categories, such as, Adobe Flash, Firefox, Google Chrome, VLC,  Notepad++, Skype, Live Messenger, Spybot, Paint.NET, and many more.

The very first step is to register an account with AllMyApps, so you can manage your applications from multiple systems. Once registered, download the desktop utility and sign-in with your account.


After the connection is established, it will start populating applications into multiple categories. You can navigate through categories, add, and manage chosen apps in My List from left sidebar. A search bar at the top will help filtering out applications by supplied keywords in realtime.

Allmyapps 2

After you’ve selected an application, it will show you EULA and other details with an option to install the application.

install 2

Just click Install to start downloading the application. After the application is downloaded, it will start installing the application in silent mode. You can keep AllMyApps at your fingertips by minimizing it to system tray, from where you can bring it up anytime and sign off. It doesn’t matter where you are, in home, off for vocations, or in office, My List containing applications can be remotely managed through its web application.

Allmyapps 4

Below you can watch a brief demonstration video.

As per our testing results, we didn’t find any sort of problems and errors. Developers are open to suggestions and eagerly need user feedbacks & requests to ensure availability of their favorite applications. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download AllMyApps


  1. I have been working with allmyapps for a couple of weeks with mixed results. The update feature seems to stall periodically. It says I need an update for Goodle Sketchup for instance, but Google Sketchup says it is up to date and yet it keeps appearing in my update list on allmyapps. I am giving it a try but am thinking I may give it up and go back to secunia psi. MM

  2. Simply amazing software. No doubt about it.
    I use it to keep myself updated regarding in and out of soft wares.
    Its my most favorite application.

  3. it’s interesting but it does not work for me, the app discovery process is not able to find the apps already installed on my computer (I have dropbox, firefox, etc.) and you cannot configure the software so that it looks in the right drive/folder.

  4. Are there any options to install 64bit versions of apps if available? also, does it make sure all those nasty toolbars etc do not get installed?

    • I think so. I’ve noticed they remove all the usual crapware I get from freeware, bu they do keep some useful features (like the Chrome extension for Skype). I’m quite surprised they can manage to offer a non-frustrating experience on Windows with so many software.

  5. I hate it when a Windows app tries so hard to look like an OSX app. Its hypocritical and just plain ugly. There are a lot of native-looking apps that look great, why can’t devs learn from them.

  6. Is there any option to choose the drive for installation? Normally these type of applications install all in C drive only. But like myself many prefer to keep OS alone in C drive. Does this application store has any option?

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