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Amazon Collection Manager & Explorer [Desktop]

Explorer Plus is an opensource desktop tool for the purpose of managing, exploring, and keeping track of all your Amazon collections. If you make purchases frequently and want to keep track of what you have purchased so far, then this app is for you. It allows anyone to browse the collection of books, movies, music, and games quickly.

When adding a book, you can either enter a custom book name or can try using the ‘Search Online’ feature to look in Amazon. Once the results are listed, choose the desired result and hit Add to copy the details in the main window. Please note that once the details are listed on the main window, it won’t be saved until you don’t click the Save button.

Manage Books Amazon

Search Online Amazon

Amazon Explorer Plus

Ofcourse you can always use this app for managing your collection irrespective of where you purchased it from, but the build-in search only finds the collections from Amazon.

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  1. Hello Nakodari
    First, Many thanks for your post, appreciated
    Second, I'm the lead developer of explorer plus 🙂
    As you know, Explorer Plus is an open source project, I would like to ask you for your contribution for identifying other problems with Explorer Plus
    Regarding the search problem, i'm making this my top priority, and hopefully, i'll be able to get it fixedenhanced very soon
    Please let me know if there are any other aspects to be enhanced
    Thanks again

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