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Animosaix: Generate Mosaic Wallpapers & Screensavers From Your Photos

Mosaic is a wonderful art and has enormous appeal for devotees of artwork. It’s an extraordinary way of creating images by assembling small pieces of various kind of material. In recent years, a number of computer applications have been introduced that let you create a photo mosaic; a large image made out of meticulous arrangement of thousands of tiny images. In addition, all you have to do is define source image and your picture library and the software would do the rest. If you’re a fan of mosaic photography, then you will definitely love Animosaix. It’s a small utility that automatically creates a mosaic out of your photo albums, and lets you set it as a desktop wallpaper and screensaver. You can choose to set a refresh timer (in minutes) in order to automatically cycle through your mosaic image collection folder. More details after the break.

Note: During the installation, it asks you to download and install Babylon toolbar, as well as set Babylon search engine as your browser’s homepage. This can be easily avoided by clicking the Decline button.

InstallManager Setup

Animosaix sports a minimalistic UI design. The only window it contains is the main configuration panel, where you can tweak both the wallpaper and screensaver settings, but the first thing you need is to add the image collection folders. Click the Add button from Photos section to choose your image directory. The application also facilitates you to add multiple directories, and choose to include sub-folders in your image library. From Wallpaper section, you can tweak a few parameters like wallpaper Position (Fill, Fit), Mosaic size (Tiny, Small, Medium, Big, Huge) and Style (Normal, Brick). Likewise, the Screensaver settings let you specify the Quality (High, Medium, Low) of the screensaver and its Speed (High, Normal, Slow). You can also input custom Refresh time of wallpapers in minutes. Once all settings are in place, click Save to apply your changes.

Animosaix Configuration

The application sits in the system tray, silently switching your wallpapers or triggering the screensaver. You may also switch the wallpaper manually from the right-click context menu. Or you can click Keep Current Wallpaper to halt the switching. Other options include Choose Wallpaper and Preview Screensaver. To reopen the configuration panel,  simply click Settings from the context menu.

Animosaix Icon

Animosaix is available for free and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions are supported.

Download Animosaix

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