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AptDiff Lets You Compare Two Text Files Side By Side For Differences

AptDiff is a file comparison utility that lets you compare two text files side by side. The tool is designed keeping those application developers in mind who often need to perform extensive file comparison operations over a set of source code files. Using the application, you can easily compare different versions of code files to check which version contains the most recent changes. Like previously featured DiffMerge, it automatically highlights the changes and adds glyphs to the left sidebar of the interface to let you easily navigate through the detected changes. The application offers MS Word-like synchronous scrolling, allowing you to scroll both files (versions of the document) simultaneously to visually analyze the differences.

When you launch the application, it asks you to select two files that you want to compare. Just select the files, choose file comparison type (Text or Binary) and click Compare.

Select Compare Files

Upon click, you will be taken to the application’s main interface, which offers a dual-pane view to check the differences. All the frequently used action shortcuts can be accessed from the toolbar. You can easily switch sides of the selected files by clicking Toggle Files button on the toolbar. You can customize the panes from View menu, using the Horz Layout, Vert Layout and Centre Splitter options.


If differences found, the application highlights the text with yellow color (though it can be changed from Options window). You can edit the file from within the application interface, and copy & move the text from one file to another.

Difference Color

Binary comparison shows file binaries and highlights the non-identical text. After making the changes, you can save either single or both files from File menu.


You can access application configuration window from the Options menu. It contains generic application-related settings, file comparison and highlight color related options. The Compare section allows you to set default comparison type (Binary or Text), and change binary comparison specific options like Ignore spaces, leading spaces, trailing spaces and word case. Expand Display setting to change the Color, Font and HEX related options. Color allows you to change Foreground and Background color of panes, while the Font section allows you to customize the application font. You can set Bytes per line, Bytes per group and Offset Format from HEX section.  Finally, you can choose to assign and edit Hotkeys by clicking Keyboard.


AptDiff is available for free and works on Window XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions are supported.

Download AptDiff

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