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Artha Is Simple Offline Thesaurus With Desktop Notifications

Unlike a dictionary which merely contains definitions, a thesaurus is a book that lists words grouped together according to similarity of meaning (containing synonyms and sometimes antonyms). We often require using a thesaurus for looking up quick references to words when writing or reading emails, composing office documents, researching, and so on. Like many things that we use in the real world, the thesaurus has also followed us in the the virtual world. Artha is a cross-platform English thesaurus for Windows and Linux users that can be used separately for looking up words and also by highlighting a word and entering a hotkey when working with certain applications (e.g. Open Office or MS Word Processor).

After installation, Artha can be launched in Ubuntu from Applications –> Accessories. To find synonyms, derivatives, etc, just enter a word in the search box and click Search.


A hotkey can be configured for Artha by clicking on the Settings button from the main interface. The default hotkey is Ctrl+Alt+W.

Hot Key

This key can be used to open the thesaurus by highlight a word in an application and using the assigned hotkey. The highlighted word will automatically be defined with relevant information.


By enabling the Notification option from the system tray, word definitions can be viewed (by hitting pre-defined hot key) in balloon tips instead of the application’s window, so that you are not interrupted during your work. You first have to highlight the selected word or phrase and then hit the pre-defined hotkey to view the definitions as balloon tips.

Artha is a simple and easy to use offline thesaurus which unlike many applications, does not require online connectivity.

Download Artha

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