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Auto Run, Perform Actions, & Sort Files Based On File Extensions

With the advances in technology and information flow, process automation has become of crucial importance. Many tasks that required manual attention can now be executed automatically with the help of various software, and the built-in features of newer versions of Windows OS. These may include archive extraction, moving files, execution of certain programs etc.

Many software that offer this kind of automation generally have limited customization options in terms of the rules that they follow. How about a software that offers unlimited, user-defined rules to be executed automatically once changes occur in a directory? Psycho Folder does exactly that.

It is a very light, free program that watches a user-specified folder for changes, and applies the rules defined by the user based of file extensions. If you have some knowledge of command-line and XML, the possibilities with this program become limitless.

Once you install Psycho Folder, it sits in the system tray. You will have to specify the folder that you want monitored.


Here comes the more technical part. As you can see in the screenshot above, the software is monitoring the specified folder based on 3 rules. The rules are contained in an XML file, and the default installation contains three rules which dictate the software to encode videos, categorize downloaded files and unzip downloaded archives. However, you can tweak the rules file to add any new ones that you like.

Locate the rules file in the installation folder (the path where you installed Psycho Folder), and open it for editing in Notepad.


Generally, the <Run> tag tells the software which file to execute, <Name> tag identifies the rule’s name, and <Extension>  guides which file types are subject to this rule. Play around with these rules and see how can they best work for you.

Psycho Folder has been tested to work with Windows 7.

Download Psycho Folder

This is a tool for advanced users, for those looking for an easier alternative, give Digital Janitor a shot.

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