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Automate Backup, Sync, Archive, And Software Tasks With JaBack

Need a cross-platform tool that can automate all the important tasks for you, such as, make automatic backups, synchronize files/folders, perform archive and software tasks, etc? JaBack does that easily. It is a free utility developed on Java that works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

jaback automate tasks and backup tool Click image above to enlarge

All you have to do is to click New Task, select the type of task you want to perform and enter further details. Once the task has been set up, you will find it in the left sidebar and it’s details in the main window. Right-click the task and you will find options such as, Run task, Schedule task, etc which are needed to get the tasks running.

Note: There is no limit on the number of tasks you can set.

schedule task using jaback in windowsThe basic tasks are quite easy to setup, but it also includes tons of features and options that allows a user to set up advanced tasks. One of these features is an option to allow scheduled backup to a remote FTP server or an option to mail it directly to your mail server. Among its features, Email notifications is also included which can come really helpful for task geeks.

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