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Automate Computer Tasks And Schedule Reminders With Schedule Manager

Maintaining a list of all types of  tasks is fairly difficult especially when you need to schedule downloading a file, visiting a website, shutting down system, putting machine into hibernate state, along with other general tasks such as, organizing birthday list, setting appointment times, rehearsing presentations and so on. Since our complete schedule caters to whole lot of diverse activities which we have to perform while working on a PC, thus having an efficient and all-in-one schedule manager becomes a dire need. Schedule Manager is, primarily, an automation tool which is developed to schedule both computer-related and daily routine tasks, including, file download, system shutdown, hibernate, log-off, reboot system, set meetings, appointments, reminders, etc.

On the main interface, you will have all the schedules tasks lined up. For the first time usage, start adding tasks from File –> Add Task. It offers a long list of Action types to choose a task from. With each task type, you will get to see all the relevant options. For instance, if you’re planning to download a file, it will ask you to enter the URL of file in order to download it at defined time.

schedule manager

Similarly, Alert type comes in handy to add reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, etc.  Apart from other schedule types, Idle Check allows user to schedule nested actions. You can for instance associate Lock Computer task with Idle check to lock down the system after specified time of inactivity.

idle check 2

In Date & Time and Sound tab, you can schedule task repetition timings and associate sounds with tasks. It can be minimized to system tray, allowing user to add new tasks and show those tasks which are in running state.

schedule manager 2

It works fine without showing any errors, however, we feel that developer needs to add some extra options for creating reminders. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Schedule Manager


  1. I love SplinterWare’s System Scheduler, there’s a freeware version and a paid version, but the freeware version is very powerful, and there’s no nagging.

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