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Automate Redundant File, Application & Website Opening Tasks With WOSB

Automating processes to run when your computer comes out of stand by can come in very handy if you are required to perform the same set of tasks with the same set of applications or webpages each day. WOSB (Wake Up From Stand-by Mode & Hibernation) is a portable application for Windows that lets you specify when to wake up your PC and assign a set of tasks to perform when it does. The application provides you with very detailed options related to computer wake up, running an application or opening a file or a webpage and what to do next. You can set the schedules for the defined set of tasks depending on your requirement. More on WOSB after the break.

The main interface has all the options combined under five steps. Step 1 includes the wake up options, including when to wake up the PC, if wake monitor with PC and whether to keep screen on afterwards. perform. Step 2 allows you to choose the file, application or website to open when computer wakes up. Step 3 lets you specify what to do after Step 2 has been executed, as well the time gap between Step 2 and Step 3. You can choose to Sleep, Hibernate, Shut-down, Log-off or Simply wait from the action list and choose the number of hours, minutes and seconds as the time gap. You can also select a file, application or website to open just before Step 3 is executed. Step 4 has the schedules for repeating the same functions Every Week, Every 2nd Week, Every 3rd Week, Every 4rth Week on particular days of a week.

Wake Up From Stand-by Mode & Hibernation

Step 5 has the Start button, as well as extended options, such as Save as Batch File, Create Schedules Report., Copy As Command Line Arguments, Perform Now etc.

Wake Up From Stand-by Mode & Hibernation Start Options

The Settings window allows you to configure application behavior, including file, application and website opening prerequisites, max number of entries in drop down boxes, Event Log creation & management, etc.

Settings WOSB

The list of features provided by the developer is as follows:

  • Can restore almost every Windows-based Operating System from a Sleep mode (and most systems from hibernation as well).
  • Can run a file or open a web page at a predetermined time after a wake-up event, during normal operation, or before performing power operation.
  • Can send system back into a Sleep mode (hibernate it, shut it down, or log off user) after a waiting period.
  • Can detect if a wake event from a Sleep mode (or hibernation) is supported by your system.
  • Can turn your monitor on and hold off screen-saver during a waiting period.
  • Can repair local area network and high-speed Internet connections upon waking up from a suspended power state.
  • Can send system into a Sleep mode or hibernate it with more options than available through the Operating System.
  • Can be incorporated into an in-car (entertainment) PC system to speed up booting time & save battery.
  • Can be run from the Windows Command Line without a user interaction.
  • Can be saved in a batch file for later use.

WOSB works on Windows98, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download WOSB

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