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Automate Your PC With Drag And Drop, No Coding Required

Automation programs are designed with users’ ease of use in mind, and hence the more simple they are, and the more they rely on graphics rather than commands, the better they are for a common user. vTask Studio is such an application that can automate most of the commonly performed tasks, and execute even some high-end commands as well to bring you automation in its real sense. What’s more, the program relies on a completely graphical user interface, hence no programming needed at all.

vTask Studio can handle all common tasks such as launching applications, mouse actions, loops etc, and even can handle advanced automation functions like checkpoints and database queries. However, what really makes this application different from other similar programs is features like image matching and integrated EXE compiler, which allow visual detection of images and automated compilation of executable files, respectively.

vtask studio

Some salient features of vTask Studio include:

XML File Format – allowing the program to use text-based XML files for its operations. Not only these can be easily modified with any text editor, they also provide transparency, i.e., you can view what instructions are being executed without looking for any specialized software. Plus, XMLs are easy to query.

EXE Complier – you can use any of your automation scripts and compile it as a Windows executable standalone program. This makes it possible to distribute your automation scripts to non-users of vTask Studio, all with no strings attached.

Image Recognition – vTask Studio contains advanced image matching and recognition algorithms allowing visual detection of on-screen images. This makes creating automation scripts for internet based activities even easier, since the program will recognize based on what is being displayed.

The program is mostly reliant on drag & drop actions, but a lot of keyboard shortcuts are also present to give you freedom to choose. Options menu contains tweaks for run time, key mapping, main grid view, colors and theming, logs and files, and some miscellaneous options.


vTask Studio is available for all versions of Windows, from 95 to Windows 7. It works with both x86 and x64 architectures.

Download vTask Studio

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