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Align & Snap Application Windows With Each Other Using allSnap

While Windows Vista was close to be considered a failed OS, Windows 7 brought many new enhancements and changes to the table. It was not only more slick and snappier, but also less resource hungry, and some even called it Windows Vista done right. Albeit, introduced with Vista, Aero was further improved in Windows 7. One of the features Aero brought with it is called Aero Snap, which is quite handy to snap application windows at the edges of the screen. This makes it easy to not only adjust multiple application windows, but also compare them side by side. If you’re looking for an application that can snap application windows with each other,  have a look at allSnap. It’s a Windows program that lets you snap application windows with other active app windows. Not only does it snap multiple top-level windows together, it also snaps windows at the edges of the screen. During resizing and aligning windows, it uses a technique known as Hooking to automatically resize a window to the size of an adjacent window. The Constraint to Screen option disallows windows from moving off the screen, so you don’t need to be careful while dragging the applications to the side of the screen. allSnap includes a complementary option to send sound notification while snapping and un-snapping windows. More after the jump.

The application is super light and resides in system tray, from where you can enable/disable its Windows Snapping and bring up Settings dialog to customize snapping options.


The Settings contains four tabs at the top namely Preferences, Sounds, Snap to Grid and Advanced.  From Preferences, you can change general options such as when to activate snap and which items to snap. The Sounds tab lets you add sounds to snapping and unsnapping operations. In Snap to grid, you have options to define parameters for creating invisible Horizontal and Vertical grid on your desktop, while the Advanced tab lets you toggle settings such as Invert toggle key, Don’t snap to inside edges, Crop top of windows and Constrain windows to the screen.

allSnap Properties

allSnap is a portable application that works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It was tested on Windows 7 Ultimate edition.

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