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Autorun Organizer: Add, Remove, Or Delay Autorun For Applications At Start Up

We did a comprehensive post on managing which applications start automatically when you boot your system. The process was manual and showed how you could directly edit the start up items. If you were looking for something far simpler, something that was mostly just a series of clicks and the program was out of your hair then Autorun Organizer is what you might be looking for. Essentially, it’s an application that lets you add and remove applications from the start up folder but it additionally lets you delay the launch of a program so that your system is ready to use sooner. The application also makes it easier to identify which apps to axe from the folder by giving you details on how much delay its launch causes and providing system start up stats.

Autorun Organizer doesn’t attempt to install bloatware so click through the EULA and install it. After a brief scan, the application will list all apps currently in the start up folder. You’ll notice right away that it isn’t just listing applications but also processes that start when you boot your system. For each process and/or application, Autorun Organizer tells you if it’s managed under the Registry or the Task scheduler.

At the bottom, you’ll see two tabs. One for Recent system load times which is the history of start up times for your system. The second tab, Application detail, is populated when you select an app. It lets you temporarily disable an application’s start up, remove that application from the start up sequence altogether, or delay it by the time period you select from the drop down.

Autorun Organizer remove

Autorun Organizer also lets you add applications to the start up sequence from the Add button at the top. It’s simple enough to use; you navigate to the application’s folder and select it, enter a name, and it’s added.

Autorun Organizer add

If you’re wondering just which applications to remove from the start up folder, or which ones it would be okay to delay, then go to the Command option and select Display Startup Applications’ Popularity. This adds a new ‘Popularity’ column that tells you which service or application you use the most from those that are set to start when your system boots. A word of caution here; the application adds itself to the start up folder too and appears as a recent addition. You can/should remove it if you don’t want yet another application slowing system start up.

Autorun Organizer  bulk mode

If you want to remove multiple applications at once, switch to the bulk mode and select the ones you want to remove. The application is available for Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1.

Download Autorun Organizer 




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