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AutoUP: Scan For & Download Windows System & Application Updates

There are numerous tools available out there that keep an eye on all the installed applications and let you know if any of them needs an update, such as the ever-popular Ninite (reviewed here), or the recently covered Conloco (reviewed here) and Soft4Boost Update Checker (reviewed here). AutoUP is another such tool that, along with tracking all your outdated programs and system updates, also enables you to download some of the most widely-used free applications, including Firefox, Evernote, Notepad++, FileZilla, Google Chrome, Skype, VLC Player, WinRAR and more. It shows both the stable and beta releases of the programs, generates a log of all downloaded and updated user applications, and gives an excerpt of your system information. Read on for more details.

The application houses five tabs that define its functionality named as Updates, Software, History, System and Settings. You can navigate between Software Updates and Windows Updates from the Updates tab, the latter of which works the same way as the integrated Windows Update utility. Upon launch, the application automatically scans all the installed user applications (you can also hit the Refresh button to manually scan for programs) and displays the list under Software Updates. Mark the applications that you want to check updates for, and click the Scan button to the right to commence the scanning process. Once done, the tool will show you all the outdated programs. If a new stable version is found, it will simply display the Update Found message under scan result – the same goes for Beta Updates. To perform the update process, mark the application and click Download to add the application to the download queue.


Once added to the queue, click Download, and then select the output directory to begin the download process.


The Software tab includes Downloads and Startup buttons. Downloading a new software works the same way as updating the program that we discussed earlier. You select the applications to download, add them to queue and then start the downloading process.


The tool also lets you add and remove applications that runs at Windows logon. Simply use the Add and Delete buttons to add or remove the startup programs, respectively.


The History tab shows the log of the downloaded and updated programs. You can clean the history or save the history log as a text file.


You may checkout your system information from the System tab that shows the Operating system installed, Display resolution (including Refresh rate and Bits per pixel), Hardware (such as GPU, RAM and CPU) and Internet status.


Finally, hope into Settings tab to toggle various application specific options, including a few generic parameters, for instance, language, as well as some other options related to Scan process. You may also set the output path of the downloaded files and other post update/download processes.


In a nutshell, AutoUP is an extremely useful application that check the applications for updates as well as download them. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions are supported.

Download AutoUP

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