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AutoVer: Monitor & Automatically Backup Files/Folders When Updated

AutoVer is a sophisticated, portable backup manager that backs up data to another folder, drive or FTP server. The application backs up data in real time after you have configured it for the first time. Whenever you save a new file, the application will automatically create its backup. You can also specify the files that are to be backed up.

It is an advanced, yet extremely simple backup manager. It creates Watchers that monitors defined files and folders, allowing you to backup different sets of files and folders into different destinations, such as external  storage devices or FTP servers. Every watcher that you create will be shown in the main interface.


To create a new watcher, just click on the leftmost icon. Enter a name for the watcher and specify the watcher folder as well  as the folder to which the backup is to be created. Also, choose backup type from Folder or FTP. You can prompt the application to alert you at the time of creation of backup. Errors can be shown if the destination folder is inaccessible (for instance, if you removed an external storage device) or if the application can not connect to the FTP server.


In Advanced tab, you can specifically include or exclude certain file types from being backed up. Additionally, you can limit the maximum file size for the files that are to be backed up. You can also specify a settling time (by default, it is 1 second). Settling time is the time period after a file is modified when its backup is to be made.

Versioning tab offers three different modes in which backups are to be created. None refers to copying new or modified files once after they’re created. Version all backup files creates a backup of all files while also listing the exact time when the file was created/modified. Version previous backups only creates a backup of modified files, but assigns a time to the previous versions of the modified file.

Use the FTP tab if you want to backup data to an FTP server. Assign the FTP host URL, and enter username and password. Click OK to create the watcher.

To go to settings of any watcher from the main interface, just click on it and click on the second icon from the left. Delete the watcher using the third icon from the left. If you want to pause/play any watcher, click the fourth icon. Watchers that are paused will automatically resume activity after PC reboot.

The application offers another three important features – Ensure backup is current (fifth icon), helpful when you want have added or modified important file(s) in a particular watcher that are to be backed up instantly. Restore All Files (sixth icon) restores all items in the selected watcher to the current date, and Explore Backups (last icon) to search files in a watcher.

It supports Windows 7 OS; testing was carried out on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download AutoVer

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