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AV Audio Editor Is A Powerful, Mid-Level Sound Editing Tool For PC

What makes an audio editor special? Some of us like just need tools that can convert files into different formats, provide basic file splitting & joining options, and offer a few effects, often preferring a dedicated editor for each separate function such as Wave Editor for effects and Shuangs Audio Editor for trimming. Others will settle for nothing less than the full smorgasbord of editing options, complete with sonogram, spectrum analysis and input/output oscilloscope. Wavosaur or Audacity might be good choices for them. But if you’re a beginner looking to get a taste of advanced options without either under- or overwhelming yourself, AV Audio Editor can be a good bridge. Combining quick-edit actions and powerful editing tools, this Windows app has something for everyone to try.

There’s a download link at the bottom of the page; simply extract the setup file from the downloaded ZIP file and run it to start installation.

For a complex program, AV Audio Editor’s user interface is quite simple. To import an audio file, use the ‘Open’ button on the toolbar, or simply drag and drop the desired file into the files panel on the left.

AV Audio Editor - main user interface

You can add multiple files at a time. To remove a file, select it and press the cross button on the playlist. Right-clicking a file and selecting ‘Close file’ from the menu will do the same.

Applying effects to an audio file

In order to apply effects to a particular portion, click and drag the mouse cursor on the waveform; the selection will be highlighted in gray. If you want to make a more precise selection, try the time fields at the bottom; specifying the ‘Begin’ and ‘End’ times under ‘Selection’ will highlight the exact portion of the track in the display. You can also make use of AV Audio Editor’s zoom controls panel at the bottom-right that let you zoom into or out of the waveform display both horizontally and vertically, in order to help you make the precise selection that you want.

You don’t need to make a selection if you plan on applying an effect to the whole file, though. Playback controls are present on the lower left side of the user interface.

There are toolbar buttons for Delete, Cut, Copy, Paste and Undo. The ‘Apply audio effect’ magic wand gives you a menu of different effects to try. Clicking a particular effect will pop open a window where you can adjust the effect to your satisfaction before applying it. You can listen to the track with and without the changes applied right there, by using the preview button and toggling effects on and off using the ‘Power’ checkbox.

'Chorus' effect's popup window

When you’re done, it’s time to save; there are over a dozen formats for you to choose from, including aac, mp4, mp3, raw, wv, wma and more. You can save your changes by either overwriting the previous file with this new one, or creating a new file. After you click save, another dialog box will appear, bearing additional encoding options as shown below.

Save File dialog box

After saving, the new file will add itself to the playlist. You can review the output by playing it again.

You can also create a new audio file from scratch by clicking the New file button or selecting the option from the File menu. You can specify its sample rate and number of channels when creating it.

2013-06-03 20_45_22-New file

Once created, you can use the Mic button from the toolbar to record audio for it, and apply the same effects to it afterwards just the way you would with an existing file. You will need to download the free AV Audio & Sound Recorder for the purpose, and the app will offer you to do so the first time you use the Record button. This multi-device recorder will then let you record your voice or any audio output from your computer.

AV Audio Editor can be considered as a part of an integrated suite of different editing software offered by the developer, just like the aforementioned AV Audio & Sound Recorder. To see what other software you could integrate with the Editor, click the two-gears icon placed in the upper-right region of the interface, and select one from the drop-down menu.

Download AV Audio Editor

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