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Avert System Crisis By Repairing Important PC Issues With CAT

CAT or Crisis Aversion Tool is an open source application which helps user in resolving computer issues. It provides a large number of fixes for Windows related problems within a simplified GUI based interface. Users can fix Flash Player, Shutdown issues, check a file for malware via virus total, repair Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer shell, USB drives and much more. What makes CAT quite useful is its ability to help resolve complex issues from one window without having to use dedicated tool to fix each problem.

Just launch this portable tool and head over to the Fixes tab to;

  • Fix broken application links
  • To re-enable a disabled task manager
  • Display USB drives which may not be visible
  • Fix printer install errors
  • Repair SSL, HTTPS and Cryptographic Services
  • Fix Windows Installer
  • Flush DNS resolver cache
  • Repair Internet Explorer
  • Reset Explorer Shell
  • Reset all networking Interfaces
  • Reset Default services start states
  • Reset Windows Update

After selecting required fixes, click on Apply Checked Fixes button for the changes to take effect.

For making adjustments to your system, you can use the Adjustments tab to;

  • Decrease menu show delay
  • Change screen resolution
  • Fix Flash Player issues
  • Fix Shutdown issues

Similarly, you can use the Miscellaneous tab to;

  • Take ownership of files and folders which may have become inaccessible due to incorrect folder or file rights management configuration.
  • Look up PCI database
  • Upload files to Virus Total for analyzing infected files

CAT works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download CAT

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