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AVG LiveKive AirSpace – Backup, Sync And Share Data From The Cloud

AVG has recently released a beta version of AVG LiveKive, codenamed AirSpace. It is a cloud based storage service which automatically backs up and synchronizes content with multiple systems. It is much like the widely used Dropbox and SugarSync. All users that sign up for a free account receive a volume of up to 5GB storage space.

AirSpace provides a unique feature which enables users to select multiple directories (e.g. My Documents, Desktop, etc) and sub folders to backup data from. For example, you may choose to backup data from a single folder or sub-folder within My Documents. All specified content is backup to the cloud and can be synchronized with a single account with multiple computers. You can also share your folders with other AirSpace users such as your friends and family.

Before being able to download the AVG AirSpace setup, you will require taking a small survey, after which the AirSpace application setup will automatically download. During this process, you will also need to sign up for an AVG account.

Once you launch the setup, a prompt will ask for your login credentials to continue further.

AVG AirSpace Setup

After that you will be asked to enter a device name for easy identification of your system from your online account. For example, lets say you have synchronized two computers from multiple locations. Naming them appropriately will help you to easily identify them (e.g. naming one as office for an office computer and home for a home computer). After you have entered you device name, your cryptographic keys will be generated to ensure that your data remains private and secure.

Device Name

The main interface of AirSpace provides three options, namely, Backup (displays and allows configuring the data being saved to your online AirSpace account), Sync (allows managing computers to sync data with) and Share (provides configuration options for synchronizing data). Clicking on the Change button next to all three, allows configuring advanced options for these features. These and other features can also be accessed from the system tray.

Main interface

All three of these features (Backup, Sync and Share) contain similar options for configuration via the Change buttons located next to them.  By clicking on this button (next to any of the three options), will allow you to launch AirSpace on system startup (Interface tab), schedule backing up / synchronizing data (Schedule tab), set a folder to keep a backup copy of the uploaded content (Copy tab), enter proxy settings (Network tab) and set a folder to download saved content from your online account (General tab).

Backup tab

To backup content to your online account, head over to the Backup tab from the main interface and select folder(s) and sub-folder(s) to backup to your online account. Click Start Backup to initiate the backup process.


The View/Restore tab provides information about the uploaded content can be used to manage downloaded data from your online account via the Download Manager button.

AVG AirSpace

Whereas, the Sync and Share tabs can be used to specify multiple users for synchronizing and sharing data with.


All synchronized computers can be viewed and edited from the Account option from the top right corner of the main interface.


AVG LiveKive aka AirSpace seems to be a potential competitor for Dropbox, Box.net, MozyBackup, and SugerSync, as it offers more customization options for synchronizing data. Nonetheless, we will have to wait and see if Dropbox users will be willing to make the switch to AirSpace and if it can present the Dropbox like support for many of the  widely used apps. For example, apps like SaveGameBackup have DropBox support which integrates the Dropbox account with this software to backup gaming information. It will take a while to see if AVG can also provide such support for numerous applications.

Download AVG LiveKive AirSpace


  1. Looks like just a rebranded version of SpiderOak to me. So why are AVG making out that it is something they have developed themselves?

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