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Backup And Restore Data Between Computers And External Media

Backit Down is a portable and open source application which allows backing up data on external media which can then be restored on multiple computers. It provides synchronization of folders or files between different computers and storage devices from created projects with specified data. Each project contains custom configurations which make it easy to create multiple projects with precise settings for backing up data which can be restored on one or more computers via BackitDown.

To get started, add a project name, a backup folder and select a source location (such as system partition or folder). A new project can be added from the + sign next to the Project section. Whereas, a new backup folder can be added from left hand side menu.

Backit Down v. 1.1.141

Plugin in an external media device (such as a USB or external hard drive) and select it from manage Media (next to connected only).

Project location on local media

Go to Tools –> Run Synchronization and click Synchronize to backup your data to the external media device. A prompt will appear explaining the process backup structure (such as synchronization from a computer source to an external drive), click OK to begin synchronization.


This will backup your data to the external media device, which can be used to restore your backup on the same or another computer.


You can import or export data in the form of XML files or use saved projects to restore your data from backups on one or more computers or between external devices.


BackitDown works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download BackitDown


  1. I don’t get people thinking their data won’t be deleted or erased. Today, there are lots of options on how to save and restore deleted files; online or through a back-up software.

    I think a lot of people don’t bother with back-up plans because they thought it is for the techy folks. WRONG. As a matter of fact. backing-up your data is very easy. All you have to do is follow the instructions, and you’re all set.

  2. Thank you for this manual, I wouldn’t put it better!
    There is a nuance: file selection rules must be set up for every folder to be synchronized. If there are none of them no files will be actually selected for synchronization.
    But for all the rest – it’s a very good article!

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