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Backup Data From Gmail, Google Contacts, Docs, And Calendar With BackupGoo [Giveaway]

If you are a heavy user of Google services, which includes, Gmail, Google Calender, and Google Docs, you must have lots of important data saved on respective Google account services. Many users who fear that Google can deny access to their important data anytime, generally, look for a backup solution to quickly save their data hosted on Google services accounts. Since Google does not provide an easy way to backup data, you have to manually download all the data.

If you need a universal tool which can seamlessly backup your Google accounts whilst allowing creating backups at defined intervals, BackupGoo is probably the tool you’re looking for. With BackupGoo, you wont have to follow complex methods for backing up Google accounts.

It requires absolutely nothing except 2 clicks to backup emails saved in Google Mail, contacts from Google Contacts, events from Google Calendar, and importantly, all the documents saved in Google Docs. Apart from quickly creating backups, it lets you schedule backup process with an option to choose which service data is to backed up after defined amount of time. The scheduling feature makes it totally a distraction free utility. It silently updates the backup folder with newly sent/received mails, updated contacts and recently created documents.

Note: BackupGoo is a paid application, which costs $12. A fair price when you are considering backing up your priceless data. We are giving away 15 licenses to our readers. More information on taking part in this giveaway is provided at the end of this review.

Once the application is installed, the first step is to enter the license key. After the verification process is completed, you will be greeted by main interface, asking to enter Google account username and password. For the first time usage, it will backup data from all supported Google services. To begin, specify Google account details followed by backup location. Now hit Finish to start the backup process.


The backup process takes some time which depends upon the volume of data in Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Google Docs.

backupgoo 2

After all the data is backed up, open the target location to verify backed up files and folders. It maintains same file and folder hierarchy as they are saved in your respective Google services accounts.


From Extras menu, you can open BackupGoo settings window. Here, you can choose to change the Google account details to backup data from another Google account. The General settings section refers to selecting specific Google service(s) to backup data from, whereas under Scheduling, you can enter number of hours after which it automatically starts backing up data. If you don’t want to backup deleted mails which are present in Gmail Trash folder, uncheck Download Trash folder option. Once you’ve changed all the required settings and scheduled backup process, click OK and restart the application to apply changes.


Now it will start backup process after defined amount of time and save data from only selected Google services. BackupGoo is also available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download BackupGoo


This giveaway will only last for 2 days (48 hours). Participation in the giveaway is simple. You need to either follow us at @addtips and tweet the giveway (leave the link of the tweet in the comments box below), or leave a comment on our Facebook page. We will pick out 15 winners randomly!

Update: The giveaway is over. The winners will be announced in the next 24 hours. Licenses have been send to all 15 winners. Thanks everyone for participating.


  1. I’ve found that some of my notes attached to the addresses have inadvertantly been deleted. Somtimes I notice right away but other times it’s not til months later do I go to look something up only to find no info. I could try a restore but I wouldn’t know exactly when it was that the info was deleted. Would there be anyway to look at a particular address entry over time to see when notes were added or deleted?

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