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Batch Image Editor And Format Converter ImageConverter

We have covered few batch image converters in the past, like Modi, Image Tuner, and Image File Converter. Today I came across another image editing and conversion tool called ImageConverter which performs the batch processing of images and lets you save them to many different types of image formats.

It is a free portable tool with options to preview images, changing image size, changing color, cropping and cutting images, and much more. You can open the images to edit by simply dragging and dropping them or you can load them by using the Open Folder option.

Image Converter

On the main interface you will find Actions section where you can select various different options like Changing Image size, Rotating and changing contrast, adding watermark or image, drawing frame around the images, working with colors, etc.

Actions ImageConveter

Simply click the check box of the respective button and it will load the required option.

Color Image Converter

The converted image can be saved to many different formats, you will find almost all the available formats here. Choose your desired format from the format dialogue box under the Save section.

Available File Format

Even though it provides the most image formats as output when compared with previously reviewed batch converters, there is one strong limitation in the Basic version. You can only process 10 image files simultaneously and 3 simultaneous actions per procedure.

Download ImageConverter Basic

It works on Windows 2000/2003 Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Enjoy!


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