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Handy File Tool: Batch-Rename Files By Criteria & Replace Defined String In Multiple Filenames

We have covered a lot of useful applications that let you search for and rename files in bulk, replace a single text string in multiple files at a time, and rename files according to a specified criteria. However, using a different software for each function means that you’ll have to keep your system stuffed with lots of programs to perform all aforementioned tasks. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could perform all these file management-related operations from a single, unified interface? Today, we came across an application called Handy File Tool, which helps you perform numerous file-related tasks at a time, under one hood. The application features a file browser, file Finder (search utility), Replacer (to replace text string in multiple filenames) and Renamer (to rename multiple files at once according to set criteria). More on Handy File Tool after the jump.

The application has an integrated file Finder, Renamer and Replacer that allow you to perform multi-string search and text replace operations. Since it has the ability to handle multiple files from different drives, you can save a lot of time that would have spent selecting files from each folder or drive manually. When launched, it shows you the Browser tab, which has a two-paned file browser to help you work with files from multiple folders or drives at a time. The main interface contains File, Network, Basket, Show menus, with Browser, Finder Replacer and Renamer tabs at the top. The files and folders appear in the middle, while quick access buttons to view, edit, copy, move, delete, create new folder, invert selection and clear basket are available at the bottom.

Handy File Tool 2.00.png Main

The Basket feature allows you to select multiple files from different drives and folders. For instance, if you want to change the names of files present in different locations, then just select them from each pane and send them to Basket. Now, head over to Renamer tab to perform file rename operation on the files present in the Basket.

Handy File Tool 2.00.png Renamer

The Finder tab includes search utility that lets you find files according to file extension, date, file size and numerous other attributes.

Handy File Tool 2.00.png Finder

The Replace tab contains text replacement options, such as simple replace and batch replace, with each mode having its own extended settings. For instance with simple replace method, you can choose to replace search text with replace text, insert search text (specified text) at the end of file, delete all text between specified search and replace text etc.

Handy File Tool 2.00.png Replacer

The application works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Handy File Tool

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