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Batch Rename Files, Clean Junk, And Organize Images With Folder Organiser

Folder Organiser is one small nifty utility which hosts multitude of features and options to organize and manage folder’s content. It offer simple file management features like; rename, clean and organizing photos in bulk. While supporting simple drag & drop behavior to let user easily manage files included in single folder, it also let user analyze the bulk operation’s results to prevent any loss or unwanted change.

The tabbed interface is well-designed and spruced up. As name implies, it cannot manage multiple folders concurrently, you can drag only one hefty folder carrying multiple types of files. Dragging a file into the application window will show it on the upper-right corner of the window. One file is added, you can move to other tabs holding different options and  features. Under rename tab, you can quickly rename the folder’s content and apply different tags (prefixes). Tag help dialog will assist you in choosing the appropriate tag. Find and Replace option lets you easily perform batch find-replace operation over folder’s content.


It also include a complementary cleaning feature which facilitates user to clean junk files from the system. Under clean tab, opting general option will let you empty recycle bin, Temporary files, Internet cache & history, and cookies in one-go. If you need to remove clutter from specified folder, click folder from left side and let it scan for duplicated files, superfluous content such as; Extracted Archives, Temporary Files, etc, Empty folders, and other Nested folders. Before begin with cleaning process, you can analyze the results for specified options, this will greatly help you in viewing the content which is to be deleted.


If you’ve been having a hard time in managing enormous list of images, you can quickly manage them from images tab. You can perform bulk conversion in different format such as; BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG , etc., resize them by specified width and height, crop images by specifying height & width and x-y axis. A handy backup option is also provided to prevent any unwanted change or loss.


Casing short, we found the application interactive with nice controls to get by. Though we feel that it lacks managing folders in bulk yet for managing an enormous sized folder, a worth trying utility.

It runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Folder Organiser

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