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Belvedere – Automated File Management Tool For Windows

I have fond memories from my childhood of the TV Sitcom Mr.Belvedere, well the tool that we will be discussing got its name from this tv sitcom just have a look at its Desktop Icon and it will jog your memory. Belvedere is an automated windows file management tool which lets you create advanced rules to move, copy, delete, rename, or open files based on their name, extension, size, creation date, and more. Now its very easy to keep your desktop or any folder organized and clean up.


Its simple to add rules with Belvedere. First of all add the folder upon which you are applying the rule form the Add (+) button located under the folder column, then add the rule by clicking the + button located under the Rules column. Simply name your rule with the Description field and set up the conditions with the drop-down menus. For example, I added a rule to move all png imaged to a folder Misceleneous on the desktop.

Belvedere New RuleClick the OK button and you will see the rule added to the list.

Belvedere Rule Added

You can remove any rule from the ‘–’ button and any rule can be edited from the Edit Rule button. The rules may be enabled from the Enable button, the same button may be used to disable any already enabled rule.

Download Belvedere

It works flawlessly on Windows 2000/2003 Server, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Enjoy!


  1. I’ve created an open source, Belvedere/Hazel-inspired project that I’m calling “Maid”. There’s more info at http://github.com/benjaminoakes/maid and http://rubygems.org/gems/maid

    If you have RubyGems installed (typical if you have Ruby), it just takes a single command to install:

    sudo gem install maid –pre
    # And if you don’t have RubyGems, this should set you straight:
    # sudo apt-get install rubygems

    Specifying –pre will install pre-release versions, the Maid release candidate version in this case. The first stable release should be coming out within the next week, and I would love to have your input and opinions.

    Maid is based on some code I had written for myself. Eventually, it turned into something I thought others might find useful, so I packaged it up for others to use on Linux and the Mac. I hope it’s useful for you.

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