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BitSer File Compression Software Is Alternative To 7Zip

Demands for file-compression utilities are getting higher as time progresses. Today systems are generally overwhelmed with a lot of data that needs to be archived. The file-compression utilities can be useful for compressing or backing-up precious data, which eventually provides extra space. As for now, 7-zip is the most eminent file-compression utility but severely lacks a handy user interface. Bitser, however, is an alternative that provides almost every feature of 7-Zip along with extensive tabbed and easy-to-use interface having numerous options for managing archives & backups.

Editor’s Note: Hamster Zip Archiver is better, faster, and more user friendly alternative to 7-Zip. Check it out here.

It supports multitude of archive formats (MSI,GZIP,TAR,ZIP,DEB, etc) and can create archives in widely used archiving formats including; ZIP, 7-ZIP, and EXE. Apart from general archiving options, it also includes checksum (algorithm) calculator for file checksum verification. The windows explorer context menu integration is similar to 7zip but comes with additional options to quickly create archive or extract the files, folders, etc.

Context menu integration

The main tabbed-interface is quite neat & simple to use. It supports simple drag & drop behavior to add files either in existing archive or for creating new archive from scratch. From left sidebar, you’ll see explorer for quicker navigation through the files & folders. Despite being an archiving-utility, it is also a password manager for storing multiple passwords in AES (Advance Encryption Standard) encrypted file. Under Reports tab, you can view history of archived files, parameters which were used during compression, and compression ratios used earlier, etc. For managing archives under one hood, head over to Manage tab to add multiple archives and add/delete items.

Under Options tab, you’ll find different sections under which different options are dispersed. You can configure options for; Folder Extraction, Working Folder, Extension Associations, Context Menu, Language, and other generic options.

bitser interface

Manage previously saved archives & backups.


Report Generator saves and keep tracks of every archived operation.


Powerful password manager to secure password with staunch AES encryption.


Options tab for changing application preferences.


According to the developer it is suitable for users who want an alternate user interface similar to what is found in backup applications. It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (Both 32 and 64 versions are supported). Testing was done on system running Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download Bitser

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  • cainvx

    is there a regular archiver for everyday operations. yes, 7zip is brilliant but it’s a little rough to look at. is there a better replacement, genius?