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Block Ads From Instant Messengers & Other Applications With RemoveAds

RemoveAds is a desktop application for blocking ads from instant messengers like ICQ, MSN Messenger, PalTalk, and others. It comes with a heuristic analyzer that allows blocking all kinds of advertisement formats without requiring regular updates for the application. RemoveAds starts working immediately after installation, and does not require any advanced, or even basic, configurations. Furthermore, it is compatible with all popular instant messengers and other applications. Removing ads from applications can not only decrease the loading time (of the applications), but can also save you from tracking agents.

All you have to do is install RemoveAds, and the advertisements will automatically be blocked from applications. To view the list of blocked advertisers, launch RemoveAds and head over to the Database tab.


If you would like to suggest a website for being added to the ads database, then go to the Advertising Site Suggestions sub-tab (within Database tab), and send the domain to the developer. While sending the website URLs, you can also select a category for the site, e.g., Anti-Ad or Parental Control.


As you can see in the below comparison, the ad was successfully blocked from Windows Live messenger after the installation of RemoveAds.

No ads

Despite being quite a handy application, RemoveAds does have a downside, i.e., it does not provide any kind of configuration options to add exceptions, and is not very effective in terms of blocking browser ads, including in-text advertisements. Moreover, sometimes, one requires launching the application manually, in order to get instant messenger ads removed. RemoveAds works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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  1. I find myself wondering: you are not willing to pay, not willing to see ads. how do you expect software/service providers to live (pay salaries, costs,develop new versions) ?

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