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How to change the game mode for a world in Minecraft on Windows 10

Minecraft is a game with a very precise objective that you have to achieve in order to ‘win’ it. It’s also a great, open world game that users have lots of fun building structures and machines in. You can have fun in the game even if you don’t care about the Ender Dragon, or finding a shaft or fortress to explore. To that end, Minecraft has different modes that give you a world that suits how you want to play. Here’s how you can change the game mode for a world in Minecraft.

Game mode for a Minecraft World

The directions here are for the UWP or Bedrock version of Minecraft but the same process will work on the Java version.

Open Minecraft and click the edit button next to a world. If you already have a world open, you can tap Escape and click the Settings button.

On the settings screen, open the ‘Default Game Mode’ dropdown and select one of the modes. There is ‘Survival’ where you have to manage hunger, you get attacked by mobs, you can drown, and you sustain fall damage. The resources that you need have to be mined. There is ‘Creative’ which gives you unlimited resources, you don’t have to worry about hunger or fall damage, and all mobs are passive. The third is Adventure and the biggest difference between this mode and Creative mode is that you cannot ‘break’ blocks unless you have a tool that’s allowed to break it. These tools are set up with commands.

All three modes can be set for a local game, or a server game but Adventure mode is more suited for special maps and structures. It allows map-makers or world-makers to keep players from destroying particular structures that are important in the world.

For all these modes, you can also change the difficulty level. The difficulty level matters in Survival and Adventure mode.

You can change a world from one mode to the other and back any time you want but, there is one restriction. If you change a world from Survival or Adventure to Creative, you will disable all Achievements for that world. You will not be able to enable them again even after you switch back to Survival or Adventure.

There are other differences between these modes. If you have a Minecraft world that you’ve been playing in for a long time, you might want to back it up before you change its mode.

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