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How To Change Your Netflix Profile Icon

You can create multiple profiles under a single Netflix account. It’s a great way to keep watch lists and watched lists separate if several people use the same account. The profiles are distinguished by their name but you can visually distinguish them via the profile icon. Netflix provides the icons, you just have to pick the one you want. There’s a reasonably good few to choose from. Here’s how you can change your Netflix profile icon.

Netflix Profile Icon

Open Netflix in your browser and click your profile icon at the top right. Select Manage Profile from the dropdown menu.

On the Mange Profile screen, click the edit button on the profile you want to edit the profile icon for.

On the Edit Profile screen, click the profile icon.

Select the icon you want to use for your profile. The icons are grouped by the TV shows they depict characters of.

Once you’ve picked you new profile icon, confirm the change by clicking ‘Let’s do it’.

Netflix has recently updated the selection of icons it had on offer for user profiles so if you weren’t impressed with the selection before, you might want to go through the new ones and see if there’s anything you like.

The change will reflect across all devices and apps that you use and it should update immediately. Your profile icon will be visible to everyone so if you’re picking it from a TV show you don’t want anyone to know you watch, you might want to reconsider the profile icon you’ve picked.

Netflix has a Kids profile that’s automatically created for every Netflix account. You can change the profile icon for the Kids profile however, the selection will be limited. The TV shows that are featured in the profile icon selection are filtered for kids so that you’ll only see cartoons.

The new profile icons are nice in that there are quite a few of them however, they’re all mostly from a few select shows. Where Netflix has expanded the selection, it might have offered a few more TV shows. Netflix’s original shows and movies including Stranger Things and Bright are part of the selection.

Since Netflix content is region restricted, it is possible, though we haven’t confirmed it that a few more icons might be visible if you were to use a VPN for Netflix that gave you access to US shows, etc. Of course the icon might not stick if you don’t have the VPN running but this is all conjecture.

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