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Change Windows 7 Folder Color With Rainbow Folders

[Fun Tip] Are you bored with the default colors of your Windows 7 computer folders? Try the Rainbow Folders application. It is a free light-weight application which lets you colorize your Windows folders quickly.


The working of this tool is very simple, select the folders from the left sidebar and choose the colors and style from the right side. That’s it, the selected folders will be colorized.


It offers three styles Classical, Typical and Modern. Choose whichever you feel is attractive.

RainBow Folders style

Download Rainbow Folders

It is quite an old tool and works on all versions of Windows. We gave it a shot on Windows 7 and it worked on both 32-bit and 64-bit OS.  Enjoy!


  1. there are even more colors and interesting shapes when i use folderchanger. it works amazingly well.

    google “folderchanger” to download it.

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