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Find Out Windows 7 / 2008 SID (Security Identifier)

We will discuss the following in this post:

  • What is SID?
  • How To find out the SID of a computer?

What is SID?

SID stands for Security Identifier, it is a security principle of the Microsoft Windows network. If you have created a windows based network then each computer on the network will have a unique SID and that SID is used to identify an object, such as, a user or a group of users in the network. Whenever any specific user in the network tries to access any particular resource, the SID of the requesting user is checked to verify whether the user is authorized to access the resource or not.

How To find out the SID of a Windows Computer?

It is very hard to find out the SID of the computer because you need to be a registry geek for this purpose. Instead, you can try out PsGetSid, a free command line  utility which lets you view and change the SID.

Download it from the link mentioned below, and then open the command prompt in the administrator mode and run the following command to find out the SID of your machine.



In order to see the SIDs of all the computers available on the network, run the command as:

psgetsid everyone

Download PsGetSid

This tool is part of Microsoft SysInternals command-line tools and was developed to originally work with Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. It works fine on Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 too.


  1. “Psgetsid everyone” does NOT give the sid of all machines on the network! It gives the SID of the “everyone” identity on the local machine. Were you drunk when you wrote that comment into your article?

  2. Also of note:
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