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Clean/Clear MRU List In Windows 7, Vista, And XP

MRU stands for Most Recently Used, usually it is a term that refers to recently used programs, documents, or functions carried out by users. MRUClear is a free little utility that cleans various MRU lists in Windows. It can come useful for those users who want to protect their privacy.

It has four main tabs with further sub-tabs, they are

  • UserAssist Lists – Active Desktop, Microsoft Internet Toolbar, and Typed URLs
  • MRU Lists – Open/Save, Last Visit, Documents, and Run
  • MRU Search – Search Pictures/Photos, Search Computer, and Search Documents/Files
  • Windows Media Player – Media open and URL open.

Just launch the utility and it will automatically load all MRU lists. To remove them, click Lists Clear button at the bottom of the screen.


As you can see by going to TypedURLs tab, there is also a list of all URLs typed by users. This is quite a sensitive information which must be cleared, if a wise robber gets hold of your computer, he can easily find which websites you have visited and can probably get hold of your data.

Download MRUClear

It was developed for Windows XP, but works great on both Windows Vista and Windows 7 too. Enjoy!

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