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ClipX: Copy, Paste And Manage Multiple Clipboard Entries Using Hotkeys

ClipX is a Windows clipboard manager that lets you copy a large number of text and image entries to clipboard and paste any entry or image to any location, saving a lot of time when you are copy-pasting a lot of items for work. You can set the maximum number of clipboard entries to remember, select items to ignore and set custom hotkeys to perform functions such as Primary Paste, Secondary Paste, Search History, Navigate and Google Search. When using the paste option, a menu opens up listing the recently copied items allowing you to choose the item of your choice from the list with a hotkey.

When you install the application, the configuration panel opens up with General, Hotkeys, Popup and Plugins tabs at the left side. In General tab, you can change the number of clipboard entries to remember, set the application to ignore items such as text, bitmap or file list clipboard entries and system tray icon options.

ClipX - Configuration General

The Hotkeys tab allows you to set custom hotkeys for functions such as Primary Paste, Secondary Paste, Search History, Navigate and Google Search. You can set cominations of up to 3 keys to perform the functions offered by the program.

ClipX - Configuration

In Popup tab, you can set the Graphical, Default and Hotkey-related settings for the Paste option pop-up. It lets you change different application defaults, such as the text width, item height, item width, default item, and position of pop-up to be the Mouse position or the Screen Corner, when the hotkey is pressed. You can set the Default item to be the Last clipboard entry, or the Second to last clipboard entry depending on the way you like to work.

ClipX - Configuration Pop-up

The ClipX Configuration panel can be accessed by right-clicking its system tray icon. Other options in the right-click menu include Clipboard History, Search, Manage, Clear Current and Enable/Disable. The Clipboard History menu has Save History, Load History, Clear Entire History and Clear Bitmap Entries sub options.

ClipX SystemTray

Upon hitting the Paste hotkey, a dialogue box opens up listing the recent clipboard history. You can paste any of the entries by pressing the hotkey given at the front of the clipboard entry.

ClipX Paste

Select Search or Manage from the right-click menu to search and manage the clipboard entries. It lets you add and edit entries saved in your clipboard list.

ClipX - Clipboard History Manager

You can install different plugins, such as Save Image As, Smart Navigation, ColorPicker etc. to extended the capabilities of ClipX. It works on all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Download ClipX


  1. This is one of my favorite clipboard managers.  It’s unobtrusive, lightweight, fast, customizable and extensible.  It also looks more native than some of the other alternatives.

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