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Comical – A Desktop Application For Web Comics

Web Comics are gaining quite some popularity these days with hundreds of new comic publishers starting up every year. Among these comics are few that stand out but what better way than to read them on the desktop? As an avid comic fan, subscribing to multiple comic feeds and following them can be both hectic and tiresome.

Meet Comical. It is a straightforward desktop application for popular web comics that can download the daily comics for you without having to visit all the websites. Unlike ComicRack and Comic Books Reader, the app lists all the daily comics on the left sidebar making them easier to download and read in one click. Since it is based on open XML format, anyone can add support to additional comics.

There are a bunch of options, allowing users to import directory, images, copy to clipboard, launch the comics in full screen, and more. The text that accompanies the comic but is not included in the comic itself can also be read by hovering the mouse over the small text at the bottom of the comic.

comical options

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