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Control Volume With Hotkeys Using VolControl

VolControl has been developed to let you quickly increase, decrease, or mute volume with hotkeys. It works in two modes, first where hotkeys correspond to windows volume up, down , mute commands, and second where hotkeys simply take control of media keys if you have a media enabled keyboard.

Select three different hot key combination for volume up, volume down, and volume mute from the main Settings interface which can be bought up from the system tray icon. Hotkeys combination includes one meta key and one other key which can be selected from the drop-down lists provided in the interface. If you select Show Meter Bar checkbox, an on-screen visual volume bar will be displayed whenever volume will be increased or decreased.

Results from testing tell that it doesn’t work on Windows 7, yet you can run it in Windows XP compatibility mode. By running in compatibility mode, it works fine for sometime, but after a while it hangs the application or volume automatically starts increasing or decreasing depending upon your last increase or decrease command, i.e. if last time you have increased volume using hot keys, it continuously will increase the volume to full. Try it out, see if it works for you. Do share your results with us!

If you have a netbook with Windows XP installed, this app can be a lifesaver. Testing was done on system running Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download VolControl


  1. My name is Andrew and I am the creator of VolControl. I can assure you that it is not malicious in any way, shape or form. NOD32 was also flagging all my apps for about 12 hours a week or two ago. Anyone who’s interested can download the source for the latest version (0.61) from the VolControl download page (at the bottom). I have included both the project file (which requires the RealStudio IDE to open) and an XML export of the project (viewable in any text editor or web browser.)

    As for Windows Vista/7 functionality, I am aware of the problems when running VolControl under Windows Vista or 7. Unfortunately I don’t have access to Vista or 7 for testing purposes but I do know that the multimedia API changed a lot between XP and Vista. Until I have access to one of these platforms for testing purposes, things probably won’t change much 🙁

    I thrive on questions, comments, suggestions, criticism, etc and I appreciate any of those which are sent my way. You can send these directly to me by using the contact form on the Boredom Software website.

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